Georgia Pedestrian Accidents

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According to statistics, over 100,000 pedestrians are injured on America's roads every year. These injuries often occur in cross-walks, on sidewalks, and on paths or trails located along roadways. Almost half of pedestrian accident fatalities occur during a one hour window---the hour right after school lets out. More often than not, pedestrian accidents are caused by the actions of a careless driver.

Our lawyers understand how to navigate the legal complexities which often arise in these cases. Important factors include: whether the driver was speeding, maintaining a proper lookout, distracted by drugs or alcohol, texting, or otherwise negligent. In addition, hazardous road or pavement conditions (ex: an improperly maintained or constructed sidewalk, etc.) also cause many pedestrian accidents. In these cases, the owner of the building or sidewalk, a city, county or State itself can be held responsible for the injuries you have suffered.

As an injured pedestrian that was hit by an automobile or truck, you may have additional avenues to ensure that you are able to recover money damages for your injuries. Recovering money for your injuries and damages may be difficult if the negligent driver doesn’t have any or enough insurance. However, if the injured victim has uninsured or underinsured auto insurance (also called “UM” coverage) and gives timely notice to their own insurance company, then the injured victim may still be able to recover money damages for the harm caused by the careless driver (regardless of whether the negligent driver has insurance or enough insurance). In this situation, it is critical to have an experienced attorney making certain that all notice deadlines are met and that the insurance companies fulfill all of their obligations and responsibilities to you.

If you or a loved one has been hit by a driver or otherwise been involved in a pedestrian accident, you may be entitled to money damages. Please call 770-982-1800 or e-mail one of our attorneys right away. There is no charge and we would be happy to discuss your case.

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